"The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in A...View Details

On TV, Just Lying

"I'm not the devil. And even if I was, you can't think of one nice thing to say about the devil?...I can. Nice horns. Gives good advice." - Kenan Thom...View Details

"Most importantly, I fought the fuck back." - Jussie Smollett


"You so Black, when you smile, the stars come out. You so Black, when you're born, the God come out." - Theresa Tha S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D.

How Open Are You?

"You don't love me enough to let me cheat on you?" - Dot Moe

Everybody Love Everybody!

"Finally, you put my love on top!" - Beyoncé


"Are you there, God? It's us, The Baggage Check."

"I said no to the Superbowl, you need me, I don't need you. Every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too." - Jay Z

The Color of Dating

"I've got jungle fever, she's got jungle fever, we've got jungle fever, we're in love." - Stevie Wonder

Lovers… and Friends?

"You used to call me on my cell phone, late night when you need my love." - Drake

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